Vintage Velvet Rope Trench Lighter

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This lighter has been known by other names such as shepherds lighter or rope lighter. The method of operation is to strike the attached flintwheel to create sparks, which are caught on a charred cotton rope, that has been partially withdrawn from a metal tube housing. This was typically used for lighting cigarettes which does not require a flame to accomplish. Once an ember is generated, it is windproof, and is extinguished by retracting the cord back inside the tube and an attached lid snuffs it out. This flame-less feature made it somewhat covert and was often used during WWII. The windproof feature is also advantageous and was useful to shepherds who were out in the windy field while watching their flocks. It is an easy way to create a live ember, when, combined with tinder, can be coaxed into a flame for starting campfires

You need to add kerosene to the rope, then rub the flint and ignite the rope. The rope is about 45cm long and the lighter is about 6.5cm long.

Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions 7*2.2*1cm

Rope length 45cm