Leather Steampunk Architect Tube

  • $232.95 USD

Handmade by Pavel in Romania

The size of this tube is:

10 cm diameter on 61 cm height.

4 inch diameter on 24 inch height.

This tube was made for a costume or an everyday case for blueprints, maps or any other things. I made this tube as a steampunk adaptation of an architect tube without losing any of it's utility and keeping it classy. The leather used has Italian provenence and its a Nubuk and Veg tanned. It is darkened by hand for the details. 

The entire object is very sturdy, since the leather is doubled with another 2 layers on the inside, so it keeps it’s shape and the things inside safe aa they only are in touch with soft leather.

The edges are painted with edge finish. Also,  I provided this tube with a strap to keep over your shoulder. The one in the picture isn't adjustable, but there is an adjustable one available at no extra cost. Just let us know when you place your order.

This is a project which I started with my father. Our purpose was to make steampunk leather accesories wich can be used in our daily life. We call this soft steampunk, and we just started to build our portfolio. We have several bags now.

The bag is entirely handmade — from cutting the leather, punching the holes and sewing (with 1mm waxed thread ), painting the edges, riveting, etc.. For the design elements, like the corners, we used a leather which we darkend by hand with wax.

The handles are made from copper pipes which also have antibacterian properties, so it is good to keep your hand on them. The only downside is that they will have to be cleaned from time to time, or they can be covered in leather.

Materials: leather, metal accesories, copper pipes, copper rivets, edge paint

Made to order. The bag takes from 3-5 days to make. Delivery time varies from 1 week to 3 weeks depending on where are you from!

Remember the 30 day guarantee begins when you recieve delivery.

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