Kinetic DIY Marble Run Waterwheel Model Kits

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This steampunk model kit is perfect if you have ever wanted to create some cool steampunk item but felt you couldn't quite get it right on your own. This kit comes with complete instructions so you can get it just right.

You don't have to be limited by one design either! There are 4 different designs to choose from or you can choose to take home all four.

At the end of your effort you have an amazing kinetic construction that you can show off to friends and family with pride, and that will give many hours of fun and entertainment!

Natural; made from wood.

Details are already cut and ready to be assembled without glues or chemicals.
The model is a clockwork contraption that really moves.

This is a perfect family project teaching hands on STEM learning.


Plywood, English instructions, other accessories without glue and wax.

Glue and wax are forbidden on international air shipping. We have to take them out if the order is shipped by air. Thanks for understanding.

Wax is used to reduce friction; it is not essential and could be replaced with candle wax. The glue could be replaced with any sticky glue.

Age Range: > 12 years old

Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old

Marble run, Movable, 3D Puzzle, Wooden, w/handle

Scale: 1:1

Material: Wood

Quantity of Pieces in Set: 233

Assembled Size: 252*230*165 mm

Weight: 910g

This item ships in aprx. 6-10 days. All items shipped with tracking numbers for your convenience. Item is not returnable unless in original condition.

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