High Quality Thick Cowhide Thimble

  • $33.95 USD
  • Save $23.03 USD

Unique leather thimbles and leather thimbles with metal reinforcement to give you a more comfortable fit while you sew. This will help you sew longer for those last minute projects without making your fingers sore.

Please make sure you know which finger you favor and how you use your thimble before choosing one. The way it fits and wears will become specialized to your finger only due to the leather stretching and creating a perfect fit for that specific finger.

Thimble Size: Length 5.3 cm, thimble inlet diameter 2.2 cm

Customer service can not help you solve which thimble or what size is right for you. Please practice first to figure out which one works best for you.

Due to the leather stretching to fit each unique finger, this item will only be fully refunded within a 7 day period for returns.

Please understand, thank you.

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