DIY Lock Box Building Kit

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This build it yourself lock box will be a perfect gift for anyone over 10yrs old. Hours of fun building it and years of privacy after you are done!
Natural; made from wood.
Details are already cut and ready to be assembled without glues or chemicals.
The model is a working lock box.
This is a perfect family project teaching hands on STEM learning.
Working the lock:
Rotate the number wheel turntable; it drives the cam to rotate through the tooth bite. 
When the cam rotates until the inner protrusion is flush with the slot of the column core, it is the correct position of the code. 
When all the numbers are correct, push down to unlock; in the unlocked state, push upwards, the code wheel turntable and the cam are engaged, and then turn the number wheel dials to reset. 
Scale: 1:8
Age Range: > 3 years old
Material: Wood
Size: about 130*90*80mm
Package List: 1 Set  Mechanical Password Box Model Building Kits Toy 
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