Creative DIY Wooden 3D Locking Treasure Box

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This amazing mechanical lock box is perfect if you want to create things and see them working. It is perfect for safely storing your special treasures.

It is a super unique gift for those in your life who love to take things apart and put them back together again --even if that someone is you! 


Another fun idea is to add a leather shoulder strap and make it an amazing locking handbag/purse. 


Natural; made from wood.

Details are already cut and ready to be assembled without glues or chemicals.
The model is a clockwork contraption that really moves.

This is a perfect family project teaching hands on STEM learning.



Plywood, English instructions, and other accessories without wax.

As wax is forbbiden on International shipping, we have to take it out if the order is shipped by air. Thanks for understanding.


Wax is used to reduce friction, it is not essential and could be replaced with candle wax.


Warning: Small parts not for Children under 3 years

Age Range: > 3 years old

Material: Wood

Puzzle Style: 3D Puzzle

Package Size: 330*250*50mm

Instructions: English

This item ships in aprx. 6-10 days. All items shipped with tracking numbers for your convenience.

Weight: 600g


This item takes aprx. 6-10 days to ship. All items shipped with tracking numbers for your convenience. This item is only returnable if it is in origional condition.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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