Wooden Handle Hand Made Straight Edge Razor

  • $219.98 USD

This is a very high quality straight edge razor. When you get it in your hand you will feel the heft and weight if it.

Knife steel: Japan ACRO ceauration logo with 25K inlay
Knife hardness: 61-65 HRC
Handle Material: Mahogany from Madagascar. ( the natural color will have some differences like red or deep red.) It is one of the famous and rare woods available. The wooden texture and delicate grain have high hardness.
Packaged in a wooden storage case
Blade: Already sharpened by hand, It comes very sharp and ready to use.
Weight: 75g.

Note: After use, please clean it with a drop of oil and put in a dry place to prevent rust.

The razor production processes is 99% hand work, so expect slight variations. The handles are natural wood, so sometimes the wood grain and colour are a little different. Please expect variations from the photos shown.

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