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GOOD DAY CHOCOLATE: SUPPLEMENT TURMERIC CHOCOLATE (0.990 OZ) Don’t be fooled by my spicy side; I bring cooling and soothing sweetness. I thrive on making tired, sore muscles happy again. How much Turmeric do you need? No guessing games here. You control your Turmeric quotient! ENERGY BLEND FUN FACTSTaurine - Who doesn’t want their love muscle to be functioning at tip-top status? We’re talking about your heart you naughty thing you. However, this amino acid like compound actually helps all your muscles do their thang.D-Glucuronolactone - Let’s call it Dr. G for short. Dr. G may help increase strength and performance. Be humble. Even Superheroes like you can use a boost every now and then!Caffeine - The world’s most popular natural stimulant. You know the deal. Caffeine enters the building and fatigue runs for the hills. Mental alertness up. Concentration up. Energy up. Such a giver that Caffeine.Biotin - We’d like to convert a lot of things. Spruces to money trees. Vacuums to robotic housekeepers. But we’ll totally take Biotin (aka Vitamin B7) converting our oxygen to energy for now. Oh and P.S – it’s also necessary for cell growth and metabolism. Rock. Star.Green Tea Extract - Move over triple threat, the Quadruple Threat has arrived. Natural. Anti-oxidant. Anti-inflammatory. And it may just help fight cancer as well. Boom.Vitamin B6 - If you were a Numerologist you’d know the number 6 is loving and caring. No surprise it makes your heart and blood vessels work better. Squirrel! What? Oh, by the way, the ole’ B6 may also help your focus and keep you having a good day!Niacin - How’s an innocent B vitamin like B3 get such a scary sounding name? Sheesh, like helping your blood vessels work better is a bad thing?Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - Huge shout out to Vitamin B1 for converting the carbs we consume into energy. For the love of bagels! It also helps our brains, hearts and muscles function. Thanks B! You’re number 1! Get it? CALM BLEND FUN FACTSMagnesium Oxide - Peanut butter and jelly. Bubbles and a bath. Can’t have one without the other. Kind of like your bod and magnesium oxide. This mineral makes your body function properly; from your muscles to your bones to your heart and those pretty little cells. L-Theanine - Maybe the L really stands for love. As in: ‘Dear Body, I care about you. I’m here to calm and focus your precious brain and help wash that pesky anxiety out to sea. Love, Theanine.’  That’s how we see it anyway. Chamomile Flowers Extract - Who doesn’t know our old friend, Chamomile? You pretty much mentally put your feet up when you hear the name. Full of anti-anxiety properties, this beauty’s reputation for bringing on the Zen is legit. SLEEP BLEND FACTSMelatonin - This hormone brings it in a zzz formation while being one of the safest sleep aides available. Our boxes contain 8 pieces with 1mg of melatonin per piece. We recommend 1 or 2 pieces to start and 4 pieces maximum per evening. An hour before bed but not while behind the wheel and you'll be ready to tuck in! *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before use if you are on medicine or have a medical condition. Not for children. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing, or with alcohol. Do not take Energy product if you are sensitive to caffeine. Do not operate heavy machinery or a car after taking the Sleep product.