Wolf In Trees Temporary Tattoo

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Do you love wolves? Us too! Nothing is more mysterious and wonderous than a magical pair of eyes staring out at you through the forest trees. That primal connection with nature can now be worn where ever you want with this temporary tattoo. 

Beautiful eco-friendly, non toxic design that is long lasting and water proof, you can wear it with your favorite bikini or any other outfit that is daring and shows some skin.

It can also be worn on the sternum, on the calf, on your low back, or anywhere else your heart desires. After all it is only temporary, so if you decide you don't like that location, you can put it somewhere new next time. No commitment neccessary!

Type: Temporary Tattoo
Size: 21x 15 CM
Staying quality: Waterproof
Number of uses: Once —with care usually lasts 3-5 days.


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